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Many agencies have boats, but do not have the specific skills to recognize their operating limitations. A number of recent high-profile failed boat operations, which endangered the crews, and in some instances lead to the deaths of crew members and civilians, highlighting the need for such training. This course, adapted from surf rescue and whitewater rafting skills, has been taught to fire personnel internationally. The class includes trailer use and launching procedures, boat design and specification, equipment placement, motor maintenance, flips, re-righting, emergency starts, rescue equipment, hydrology, boat performance, recovery and rescue skills, high-speed turns, and pick-ups. Participants will train on the water and leave the course with an understanding of rescue equipment, team organization, standard operating guidelines, and victim physiology and water dynamics. The class is designed to meet the technician certification level of the International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA) to include a special night drill, and final day written and practical testing competencies. Satisfactory completion requires an 80% cumulative score of six skill stations and a written test score of at least 80%.

Special requirements

  • Participants must provide a full wet suit or surface dry suit, tennis shoes or booties, a lightweight rescue or whitewater type helmet, gloves (ski gloves preferred), and an acceptable personal flotation device with rescue harness and personal rescue throw bag.
  • It is not required that you provide your own boat, however, if your department has a rescue boat and are interested in using it during class, we encourage that you bring it. No more than four personnel per boat.
  • This course requires significant physical exertion and stamina.


Host requirements

Continuing education units (CEUs)

  • EMS Non-Core — 32
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