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This course provides the fundamental principles for developing, maintaining, and transitioning within a multi-agency network of emergency services and community stakeholders, in order to integrate these various groups into a fully functional Incident Management Team (IMT). Course goals focus on the importance of developing and operating as an IMT. This class will assist individual responders to perform as viable team members by: emphasizing the nature and purpose of an IMT so that others in the community and emergency services are more willing and able to assist within various components of their local IMT; providing a basic framework for building and maintaining critical interpersonal communications and for working together as a team member of an IMT; and offering practical experience of on-scene operations through extensive exercises and simulations, as well as through post-course refresher training by providing students with the opportunity to perform as members of an IMT during a mock incident management situation.


Training details
  • Hours: 40
  • Prerequisites
  • Students: 20–40
  • Host requirements: None
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