The following publications might be of particular interest to people in Pike County. For a complete list of MU Extension publications, visit the main Publications page.

Missouri Fencing and Boundary Laws


Find what farmers and landowners need to know about fencing duties, rights and boundaries provided in Missouri's fencing law and a local option counties can adopt.

Custom Rates for Farm Services in Missouri


Get custom service rates for fieldwork, planting, fertilizer, crop harvesting, hauling and heavy equipment activities from a survey of farmers, agribusinesses and contractors.

Home Fruit Production: Apples


Grow beautiful, flavorful, blemish-free apples in your backyard in the Midwest by following these tips for selecting a cultivar or rootstock; locating and preparing the planting site; pruning, fertilizing, watering and spraying through the growing season.

Drought-Related Issues in Forage, Silage and Baleage


Get answers to questions about how to feed livestock during drought. Read about nitrate toxicity, corn silage and baleage, forage grazing and feeding hay.

Home Fruit Production: Peach and Nectarine Culture


Peach and nectarine trees require considerable care, so cultivars must be carefully selected. Get tips for growing these fruits — including how many trees to plant, how to train and prune them, and how much to water them — in this guide.

Cash Rental Rates in Missouri


Learn about trends in cash rental rates for Missouri cropland, pastureland, grain bins, farm buildings and fee hunting based on survey responses from 112 MIssourians.

Pesticide Laws and Regulations


Learn about federal and Missouri pesticide rules, and see the steps to take to become a pesticide applicator and keep good records of when you use pesticides.

Biology and Management of Wood Ducks in Missouri


Robert A. Pierce II
Fisheries and Wildlife State Specialist
School of Natural Resources

Frank Nelson
Wetland Ecologist
Big Rivers/Wetlands Field Station
Missouri Department of Conservation

Lisa Webb
Assistant Unit Leader
Missouri Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
U.S. Geological Survey

Vegetable Planting Calendar


Plant a vegetable garden to save on your family food bill and promote good dietary habits. The tables in this guide help Missourians plan what to plant, when to plant and how much of each vegetable to plant.

Home Fruit Production: Strawberry Cultivars and Their Culture


Which strawberry cultivar should you plant? Learn the qualities of popular varieties; how to select, plant and care for them; and what pests and diseases to look out for in this University of Missouri Extension guide.

Pike County Courthouse


Missouri Courthouses
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