Jasper County

4-H project resources

The state 4-H website has information on individual Missouri 4-H projects.

Fair building project suggestions, demonstration ideas and more can be found under the Project Briefs sections. You can find many judging class options and Skill-a-thon ideas as well.

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    Shooting Sports

    4-H invitational shoots in Missouri
    Several counties offer special Invitational shooting matches open to other Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports members. Some of these offer nearly every event as the State Shoot; some only offer 1 or 2 events. These invitational matches are great opportunities to experience additional competition and match their skills against members from other counties. A certified coach is not required to participate. If the 4-H member is enrolled in the discipline and has been faithfully attending local instruction and practice they can participate – as long as parents take them and supervise. A list of these opportunities can be found on the 4-H shooting sports webpage.

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    Food Quality Assurance Policy

    The Show Me Quality Assurance (SMQA) Program emphasizes good management practices in the handling and use of animal health products, and encourages producers to review their approach to their herds' health programs. By completing this program, producers demonstrate their commitment to animal production. The entire industry benefits from widespread producer commitment to the program. The program, if put into practice by the majority of U.S. producers, will help the industry protect or even expand its market. This will be accomplished by reducing the risk of incidents that could destroy consumer confidence.

    All 4-H members enrolled in food animal projects including beef, sheep, swine, dairy cattle, meats, dairy goats, rabbits and poultry must complete Show Me Quality Assurance (SMQA) certification.

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    Livestock Judging

    Livestock judging manual Y1000 (PDF)

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    Meats Judging

    State Meats Judging contest
    American Royal National 4-H retail meat Identification codes - revised 2017
    4-H/FFA meat evaluation scorecard
    Cuts of meat
    Meats project resources

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    Web Resources

    Clover Kids resources - North State University Dakota Extension Service - Cass County

    Non-animal resources

    Photography guidelines

    Livestock resource
    For those interested in studying beef, dairy, horse, sheep or swine knowledge, there is a fun online quiz you might want to check out from University of Illinois Extension.

    Livestock Quiz Bowl

    Missouri Laws and Regulations for Animals and Livestock
    Helpful links to Missouri laws and regulations specifically related to animals and livestock from Missouri Department of Agriculture.









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    Jasper County 4-H library

    These project materials in VHS or CD/DVD format may be checked out from the Jasper County 4-H office.

    • Aerospace
      Blue Sky Below My Feet (Forces)
      - Blue Sky Below My Feet (Fiber)
      - Blue Sky Below My Feet (Space food)
      - 4-H Spaces
    • Arts and Crafts
      - Arts & Crafts project manual
      - Scrapbooking CD
    • Beef
      - Hassle Free Halter Breaking Cattle
      - Judging - oral reasons
      - Large Animals
      - Livestock Evaluation Workshop
      - Treatment of calves
    • Bicycle
      - Don't Get Stuck: Fix It! Bike Repair Clinic
      - Bicycle Safety Camp
    • Cake decorating
      - Cake Decorating
    • Child development
      - 4-H Puppet Training
    • Communication
      - Communication Toolkit
      - Public Speaking Tips
    • Conservation and Outdoor
      - Back Yard Wildlife
      - Bats of Missouri
      - 4-H Conservation Compliance
      - Earthquakes Environment and Effect
      - Easy Outdoor Projects
      - Eco-Challenge Discovery
      - Groundwater: The Hidden Resource
      - Green Acres Turkey Creek Project
      - Missouri Groundwater: The Hidden Resource
      - Missouri Storm Drain Stenciling Project
      - Missouri Streams
      - Observation Earth Groundwater: Hidden Resources
      - The Rotting Log
      - Saving Our Soil
      - Soil Survey of Jasper County
      - Teaching Natural Resources
      - Trees
      - Water riches
    • Dairy
      - Clipping Dairy Cattle
      - Hassle Free Halter Breaking Cattle
      - Hoard's Dairy Man packet (includes: dairy cattle judging made easy; showing 101; judging guide; dairy cow unified scorecard)
      - Large Animals
      - Livestock Evaluation Workshop
    • Dogs
      - How to Train Your Dog at Home
    • Foods - nutrition and preservation
      - Holiday Dinner Party
      - Make Mine Milk
      - Pre-School Food Safety
    • Horse
      - AQHYA: Check this Out!
      - Best Seat in the House
      - Horse Industry Handbook (Youth Leader Manual)
      - The Horse & Society
      - Horse Judging
      - Horse Safety First - Nutrena
      - Horse Sense
      - Horse Sense, the Second Year
      - Horse Sense, The Rider
      - Hunt Seat Equitation
      - Imprint Training the Foal
      - In the English Tradition
      - Judging Reining
      - Judging Working Hunter
      - Missouri Fox Trot horse breed
      - The Parasite Puzzle
      - Pleasure Driving
      - Reining Basics with Craig Johnson
      - The Reining Horse
      - Selecting and Showing Hunter Under Saddle Horse
      - Selecting and Showing Western Pleasure Horse
      - Show Me
      - Showmanship: The Basics
      - Survival of the Fittest
      - Training the Championship Trail Horse
      - Western Horsemanship
      - Western Riding, A Competitive Edge
    • Horticulture
      - Design with Plants
      - The Victory Garden
    • Leadership
      - Leadership Training Ideas - Award Ideas, 4-H Carpenter, Teamwork -
      - Officer Training
    • Meats Judging
      - Beef cuts
      - Beef retail cuts ID
      - Carcass judging
      - Meats judging practice
      - Pork and lamb
      - Pork and lamb retail cuts
    • Miscellaneous
      - 4-H Congress
      - Community-based Programs for Families and Youth-at-Risk
      - Farm Safety, Facing the Challenge
      - Gee Whiz in Agriculture
      - How to be a "Fair" judge
      - John Deere Safe Program/Farm Bureau Women/ Lawnmower
      - Kids & Competition...Striking a Balance
      - Question of Ethics/A Step Beyond/Line in the Sand
      - Making the Grade
      - Mediation Rules (Missouri Dept. of Health)
      - Ready Rooster (Farm Safety Film from John Deere)
      - Recycling (Flag City meeting with Barbara Hunter)
      - Sharing 4-H Projects, Talks and Demonstrations
      - Small Exhibit: Ideas for Fair Exhibiting
      - Teen Conference
    • Photography
      - Basic Picture Taking
      - 4-H Focus
    • Rabbits
      - Rabbits
    • Safety
      - ATV safety, agriculture, NASCAR
    • Scrapbooking
      - 4-H scrapbooking
    • Sewing
      - Beginning sewing combo
      - Weights Work Wonders
    • Sheep
      - Youth Sheep Production Handbook
      - Large Animals
      - Livestock Evaluation Workshop
    • Shooting Sports
      4-H Before You Hunt
      - Fundamentals of Gun Safety
      - On Target for Fun
      - Shooting Sports
      - Tree Stand Safety
    • Swine
      - Fitting & Showing a 4-H Pig
      - Large Animals
      - Livestock Evaluation Workshop
      - Quality Pork Assurance (Youth) E-Learning Module
      - Show Pig 101
    • Woodworking
      - Power Tool Safety (Black and Decker)
      - Safety and Power Saw/Safety with Hand Tools

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