Harrison County

Extension Connection

Extension Connection is northwest Missouri’s connection to the research and expertise of the University of Missouri. The program can be heard each Friday during the midday news on KCHI 98.5FM and 1010AM, Chillicothe; KTTN 92.3FM and 1600AM, Trenton; and KAAN 95.5FM and 870AM, Bethany.


Ag Updates and Pesticide Applicator Training (PDF) | MP3 (1/27/20)

Late Harvest Tips (PDF) (11/1/19)
Alfalfa Webworms (PDF) (8/9/19)
Orange Gall Midge (PDF) (7/2/19)
Japanese Beetles 2019 (PDF) (6/28/19)
Storm Damaged Corn (PDF) (5/31/19)
Summer Annual Forages (PDF) (5/16/19)
Topdress Nitrogen (PDF) (5/3/19)
April Agronomy Report (PDF) (4/30/19)
March Agronomy Report (PDF) (3/31/19)
Spring Pasture Renovation (PDF) (3/22/19)
SCN Meeting (PDF) (2/8/19)
2019 Insects (PDF) (1/25/19)
New Pests for 2019 (PDF) (1/10/19)

Herbicide Programs (PDF) | MP3 (11/30/18)
Fall Anhydrous (PDF) | MP3 (11/16/18)
Fall Herbicide (PDF) | MP3 (11/2/18)
Soybean Sprouting of Pods (PDF) | MP3 (10/19/18)
Cercospora Leaf Blight (PDF) | MP3 (10/5/18)
Spiny Amaranth (PDF) (9/14/18)
Aflatoxins (PDF) | MP3 (9/7/18)
Herbicide Carryover (PDF) | MP3 (8/24/18)
Baling Soybeans-Fall Fertilizer (PDF) | MP3 (8/8/18)
Nitrates and Silage (PDF)| MP3 (7/27/18)
Japanese Beetles (PDF) (6/29/18)
Early Soybean Flowering (PDF) (6/15/18)
Fall Anhydrous Applications Carry Risks and Rewards (PDF) (12/6/17)
Soil Tests Help with Fertilizer Decisions (PDF) (11/6/17)
Cut-Leaved Teasel (PDF) (8/17/17)
Pastures and Alfalfa-Fall Armyworms(PDF) (8/8/17)
Dicamba Damage: What to Know (PDF) (8/7/17)
Farm Tour Focus on Dicamba (PDF) (8/6/17)
Spider Mites in Soybeans (PDF) (7/31/17)
Japanese Beetles (PDF) (6/23/17)
Armyworm Injury (PDF) (6/6/17)
Corn Stand Loss (PDF) (6/1/17)
Wheat Field Stripe Rust (PDF) (4/11/17)
Scout Crops Early Spring (PDF) (4/5/17)
Plan for Options (PDF) (3/24/17)
Knowing the Break (PDF) (2/10/2017)
New Herbicide Products (PDF) (2/2/17)
Private Pesticide Applicator Training and Ag Updates (PDF) (2/1/2017)

Health and nutrition

Be Prepared for the Next Big Storm (PDF) | MP3 (7/7/17)
Annual Pressure Canner Gauge Testing (PDF) | MP3 (6/9/17)
Grill Meat But Avoid the Carcinogens (PDF) | MP3 (5/26/17)
Upcoming Matter of Balance Classes (MP3) (4/21/17)
Egg Safety Q&A (PDF) | MP3 (3/31/17)
Plant/Eat a Rainbow of Vegetables and Fruit (PDF) | MP3 (3/17/17)
MU Extension’s Nutrition Resources (PDF) | MP3 (3/3/17)
George Washington Carver’s Many Uses of Peanuts (PDF) | MP3 (2/17/17)
Small Steps — Strategies for Heart Health (PDF) | MP3 (2/3/17)
More to Mushrooms Than Morels (PDF) | MP3 (1/20/17)
Physical Activity Pays Off (PDF) | MP3 (1/5/17)