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Strong market results in strong bull sale in Springfield

STOCKTON, Mo. – There was a strong showing at the Southwest Missouri All Breeds Performance Test Bull Sale on March 25 at the Springfield Livestock Marketing Center in Springfield, says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist.

Use heifer pre-breeding exams as a culling tool and to prepare for breeding season

STOCKTON, Mo. – “As cattle producers rebuild their cattle herds, the focus may be to retain heifers as replacements,” says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist. Breeding season will soon be upon us, and it is important to retain heifers that are good breeding prospects.

Use summer annual forages to build your grazing forage base

STOCKTON, Mo. – “Summer annuals are a good way to add diversity and build pasture stands for the upcoming grazing season,” says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist. Summer annuals are a tool to improve thin pastures stands, help begin the renovations process and add forage diversity to improve cattle productivity. Davis will discuss some summer annuals that can help improve cattle grazing pastures…

Prepare bulls for the upcoming breeding season

STOCKTON, Mo. – “It is time to begin preparing for the upcoming breeding season,” says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist. In preparation for the upcoming breeding season, Davis will discuss management strategies to make sure bulls are ready for a successful breeding season.

Should cattle producers retain fall calves as stockers?

STOCKTON, Mo. – “Should cattle producers retain fall calves as stockers?” This is a question asked by University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist Patrick Davis and cattle producers as they think about weaning their fall calves.  Davis will discuss considerations for cattle producers as they weigh the options to retain their fall calves as stockers.

Things to consider when early weaning fall calves

STOCKTON, Mo. – “Markets as well as limited feed resources may lead to early weaning fall calves,” says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist. Cattle producers may be limited on feed resources, and early weaning will help reduce cow herd nutrient need. Furthermore, early weaning may help cattle producers prepare to market their fall calves a little earlier than normal because of financial…

Remove open heifers following their first breeding season

STOCKTON, Mo. – “Reproductive efficiency is important to the productivity and profitability of your cattle operation,” says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist. One way to promote optimum cow herd reproductive efficiency is to cull open heifers following their first breeding season. Davis will discuss why culling these heifers improves reproductive efficiency, resource utilization and operation…

40th Annual Southwest Missouri Spring Forage Conference

The 40th SW MO Spring Forage Conference will be held Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024, at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center, 2546 N. Glenstone Ave., Springfield, Missouri.

SW MO Show-Me-Select™ Replacement Heifer Program Sale

The Missouri Show-Me-Select (SMS) Replacement Heifer Program educates cattle producers on heifer development strategies in the areas of management, reproduction, and genetics to create a reliable source of quality replacement heifers.  On November 17th at 7:00 p.m.

Pick Up Your Redbook

Recordkeeping is important to make management decisions for optimum cattle operation productivity and profitability.  Therefore, cattle producers should consider purchasing the 2024 shirt pocket size record book called the “Redbook” to aid in their record keeping practices.  These books are available at your local MU Extension Center for $7 per book. 

Management strategies to be successful in heifer development

Drought has led to historic declines in cattle numbers in Missouri.  As weather and cattle price become favorable for cattle herds to rebuild, add value to a cattle operation through heifer development.  This article will discuss cattle management strategies of the Missouri Show-Me-Select (SMS) Replacement Heifer Program that will help cattle producers be successful in heifer development and adding value to their operation.

Utilizing corn stalks in beef cow rations

The spring grass hay crop was extremely poor across many regions of the state. Beef cattle producers are turning to alternative feeds in order to find winter forage for their herds. Baled corn stalks are going to be one of the more available forage sources for many producers. A discussion of their quality and use is certainly appropriate.

Southwest Missouri All Breed Performance Tested Bull Sale

When buying a bull, it is important to look at performance and genomics and select bulls that meet your herds needs. One sale that incorporates this information into its sale offering is the 102 nd SW MO All Breeds Performance Tested Bull Sale. This longtime running sale put on by the SW MO Beef Cattle Improvement Association (SWMOBCIA) will be held at the Springfield Livestock Marketing Center in Springfield, MO on October 30 th at 7…

Rebuild your herd through the Fall SW MO Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program Sale

Stockton, Mo.- As cattle producers look to replenish their cattle herd look to the Fall SW MO Show-Me-Select™ (SMS) Replacement Heifer Program Sale on November 17th at Joplin Regional Stockyards.  The program will be selling approximately 90 head of spring-calving SMS Certified bred heifers.  The breed makeup of these heifers includes Angus, Red Angus, Hereford, SimAngus, Gelbvieh, and Beefmaster.  

Missouri Steer Feedout

Are you a cattle producer that has a small number of cattle but wants to experience feeding cattle in the feedyard, evaluate your cattle’s feedyard performance, and determine whether your cattle meet certain targets at slaughter that influence their profitability?  Then consider enrolling steers in the Missouri Steer Feedout.  This program is a cooperation between MU Extension, Southwest Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, Missouri…

Bull development and management for optimum breeding season performance

STOCKTON, Mo. - Bull development and management is important to promote optimum breeding season performance.  Optimum breeding season performance promotes optimum herd pregnancy rates which is important to cattle herd productivity and profitability.  Therefore, this article will provide tips in selection, development, and management of bulls for optimum breeding season performance. 

Time to Elevate

CAMDENTON, Mo. – Next March, University of Missouri Extension in Camden County will host “#Elevate: An Empowering Experience for Women,” a free, one-day event offering educational sessions, a keynote luncheon, health screenings and an exhibit hall featuring vendors and services specifically for women.

Now is time for 911 emergency forages

This is part of an MU Extension series to help row crop and livestock producers manage drought. BOONVILLE, Mo. – Forage producers searching for options amid sustained drought should consider emergency forages, says Todd Lorenz, University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist.The drought is not going away and producers need to find a way to fill feed gaps, he says. Three years of back-to-back drought leave producers searching for…

Early weaning calves to reduce nutrient needs during drought

STOCKTON, Mo. – “Early wean calves to reduce cow herd nutrient needs to match drought-limited feed resources,” says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist. In addition, early weaning can improve calf performance because calves are put on a more nutritious diet following weaning.Davis discusses strategies to help cattle producers be successful in early weaning calves:

Benton County to host 2023 Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities

This year’s Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities (CEC) conference, Sept. 20-21 in Benton County, will provide several days of learning about rural innovations for leaders with an eye on business growth. Participants will tour businesses in Cole Camp, Warsaw and Lincoln.

Missouri SBDC continues to “Elevate” second-stage businesses

This spring, five Missouri small businesses began the journey to grow beyond the second stage. Through the Missouri Small Business Development Center’s (SBDC’s) Elevate program, these five business owners, at no cost to them, are gaining knowledge from various experts that most small-business owners rarely have access to.

Missouri youths compete at 2023 State 4-H Poultry Day

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Thirty-six youths from across Missouri attended the 2023 State 4-H Poultry Day, June 10 at the University of Missouri Animal Science Research Center in Columbia.Competitions included a poultry judging contest, quiz bowl, egg demonstration contest, photo contest and dozen egg contest.

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News releases, publications and more.  News releases

Missouri SBDC elevates business, impacts economic development

Over the past two years, a group of 22 second-stage Missouri small businesses increased sales by $10.7 million, made capital investments of $8.2 million, and added 74 jobs. These businesses were beneficiaries of research and advice from leading experts in a customized consulting program called Elevate. Targeted at second-stage businesses, Elevate is sponsored by the Missouri Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in partnership with…

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