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Grape growers are increasingly interested in reducing the cost and amount of labor necessary for grape production. Availability of labor is also a major concern for growers in many grape production regions. Mechanized vineyard operations are increasingly being viewed as a viable means of reducing production costs and labor requirements while maintaining or increasing product quality. The Justin R. Morris Vineyard Mechanization Symposium was held during the 2008 Midwest Grape and Wine Conference to provide a forum for discussion of the available technologies and future trends in vineyard mechanization. The proceedings of this 1.5-day event provide thorough coverage of the presentations delivered at the symposium. Current and prospective grape producers will find within the proceedings a great deal of valuable information that can be difficult to obtain from other sources.

The proceedings of this symposium address the following subjects:

  • The costs and benefits of vineyard mechanization.
  • Site-related challenges to vineyard mechanization, and solutions to many of those challenges.
  • Current vineyard mechanization practices being employed in numerous prominent grape-producing regions around the world.
  • Prospects for improvement of current vineyard mechanization practices and equipment.

Current and prospective commercial grape growers interested in mechanizing vineyard operations will find great utility and value in this publication.


  • Grape
  • Vineyard
  • Viticulture
  • Mechanization
  • Labor
  • Grape-harvesting systems
  • Winemakers


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