Gypsy moths signs and symptoms

Adults vary by sex Adults vary by sex. Males (lower left) have regular scalloped lines parallel to the wing edges and are smaller than females. Females (upper right) are cream-colored with a larger body, with the same scalloped lines on the wing as the male. Depending on gender, their wingspan ranges from 1 to 2-1/2 inches. (Photo by USDA APHIS PPG Archives,

Egg massesEgg masses are about an inch long, buff- or cream-colored, fuzzy and are often plastered onto trees, rocks and other objects, that look like a gum wad under a chair. (Photo by Ken Sproule,

LarvaeGypsy moth larvae are grayish-brown with yellow lateral lines, conspicuous red and blue warts (five pairs of blue in front, then six pairs of red) and thin, unequal tufts and many long hairs. The larvae can grow up to 2 inches long. (Photo by USDA APHIS PPQ Archives,