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Show Me Nutrition8 lessons

Students are introduced to the current USDA food graphic and learn that they need to eat a variety of foods from the five major food groups to grow and stay healthy. They learn the difference between television commercials and regular programming so they can begin to understand how advertising influences food choices. Lessons also include family newsletters that can be copied and sent home to help families make healthy choices.

The curriculum is three-hole punched and comes with a cover and spine that can be slipped into a binder with clear front and side pockets.

Publications numbers for first grade newsletters are N100 (Lesson 1) N101 (Lesson 2), N102 (Lesson 3), N103 (Lesson 4), N104 (Lesson 5), N105 (Lesson 6), N106 (Lesson 7), N107 (Lesson 8).


  • Nutrition
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Protein
  • Dairy
  • Grains
  • Healthy eating


  • 202