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CoverCollege of Agriculture
Cooperative Extension Service and Vocational Agriculture Service
University of Illinois

This publication features 13 full-colored photos of common disease of soybeans to help you determine the cause of damage in the field.

The reverse side provides information on each disease, including soybean cyst nematode. The descriptions include where and when soybeans are susceptible to damage and the type of damage caused.


  • Anthracnose
  • Brown stem rot
  • Cephalosporium gregatum
  • Cercospora kikuchii
  • Charcoal rot
  • Colletotrichum dematium
  • Diaporthe phaseolorum
  • Downy mildew
  • Fungi
  • Glomerella glycines
  • Heterodera glycines
  • Macrophomina phaseolina
  • Microsphaera diffusa
  • Peronospora manshurica
  • Phialophora gregata
  • Phytophtora megasperma
  • Phytophthora root rot
  • Phytophthora stem rot
  • Pod blight
  • Powdery mildew
  • Purple seed stain
  • Pythium
  • Pythium seedling rot
  • Rhizoctonia root rot
  • Rhizoctonia solani
  • Septoria brown spot
  • Septoria glycines
  • Soybean cyst nematode
  • Stem blight
  • Stem canker


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Publication No. PS103