Variegated fritillary

Brush-footed butterflies, fritillaries and wood nymphs

Link to Caterpillars in Your Yard and Garden Variegated fritillary caterpillars (Euptoieta claudia) are present from June to October. They produce multiple generations per year.

The full-grown, salmon-red caterpillar is about 1.25 inches long with a pair of prominent, black-knobbed horns arising from the first thoracic segment, and numerous small black spines are found over the body. Four longitudinal, fragmented white stripes run the length of the body. Host plants include flowers of the Viola and Passiflora species.

About the family

Brush-footed butterflies, fritillaries and wood nymphs belong to the Nymphalidae family. Caterpillars have variable color patterns ranging from longitudinal stripes to mimicking a bird dropping. Most species are covered with prominent spines and tubercles.