Fall webworm

Tiger moths

Link to Caterpillars in Your Yard and Garden Fall webworm caterpillars (Hyphantria cunea) are present from spring to fall. They produce two to three generations per year.

Groups of these caterpillars are found inside silk webbing structures usually located at the tips of branches. During most of their development, caterpillars are found within the web feeding. Full-grown caterpillars, about 1 inch long, leave the web nest. The body, generally light colored, is covered with tubercles from which arise tufts of long light-colored hairs. On the top of the body are two longitudinal rows of conspicuous black tubercles, between which is often a dark longitudinal stripe. The sides of the body are light colored and have longitudinal rows of orange tubercles. The head is either orange-red or black. Host plants include more than 100 species of trees (forest and shade) and shrubs.

About the family

Tiger moth caterpillars of the Arctiidae family, often called woollybears, are covered entirely with dense clusters of tubercles from which arise short tufts of hairs or long hair "pencils" of varying colors. The hairs on these caterpillars can be irritating when handled by individuals with sensitive skin.