Patricia Klobe
Department of Environmental Design

If you have small cracks in sidewalks that seem to be growing and make your sidewalk dangerous, they can be fixed.

What you will need

  • Packaged ready-mixed mortar
  • Epoxy concrete ("clear" type for narrow cracks and "gray" type for wide cracks and concrete breaks)
  • Wire brush
  • Pointing trowel and wood float
  • Heavy-duty paint brush


  • Caution. Repair only when concrete is dry.
  • Chisel out the crack or hole wider under the surface.
  • Clean the concrete surface thoroughly with the wire brush.
  • Mix a batch of mortar according to the directions on the package. Mix in the epoxy concrete with the mortar according to the directions on the epoxy container.
  • Using the trowel, put mixture into the crack.
  • Using the wood float, smooth the mixture even with concrete surface.
  • Clean the tools immediately with paint thinner.

Work fast. Most epoxies will harden in an hour. If the patch should harden before the operation is completed, apply a second coat and smooth the surface again.

For big cracks, spread the mixture over the full width of the crack until the level of mortar is slightly above the concrete surface. If repairing a full break in the concrete, use the trowel to force the mortar mixture to the bottom of the break.

Your benefits

  • A more attractive sidewalk
  • Prevention of further damage
  • A safer walking surface
This guide was reprinted from the United States Department of Agriculture publication, Program Aid number 1193, Extension Service.
Publication No. GH5932