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Cover of Live Fire Training Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition Manual.All fire fighters need the safe and controlled real life training offered through live fire exercises in order to be fully prepared for the hazards of the fireground. Live Fire Training: Principles and Practice, Second Edition provides a definitive guide on how to ensure safe and realistic live fire training for both students and instructors. Updated to address all the requirements for NFPA 1403, Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions, 2018 Edition, including the following new requirements:

  • Prerequisites for all live fire training participants
  • Fire dynamics
  • Health and safety
  • Fundamentals of fire behavior
  • Fire development in a compartment
  • Nozzle techniques and door control
  • Documentation of prescribed minimum training
  • How to develop ventilation-controlled evolution

Incident Reports of actual live fire training accidents are included, along with detailed instructions for how to prepare for live burns in acquired structures, gas-fired and non-gas-fired permanent structural props, exterior live fire props, and mobile enclosed live fire training props.


  1. Introduction to Live Fire Training
  2. Critical Incident Planning
  3. Physiology of Firefighter Training
  4. Preparation and Training of Instructors
  5. Teaching Fire Behavior and Dynamics
  6. Preparation and Organization of Operations
  7. Acquired Structures
  8. Gas-Fired and Non-Gas Fired Live Fire Training Structures and Mobile Enclosed Live Fire Training Props
  9. Exterior Live Fire Training Props
  10. Reports and Documentation
  11. Live Fire Training Evolutions
  12. Appendix A: An Extract from: NFPA 1403, Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions, 2017 Edition
  13. Appendix B: NFPA 1403 Correlation Guide
  14. Appendix C: Acquired Structure Live Fire Training Model SOP
  15. Appendix D: Permanent Structure Live Fire Training

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