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The sixth edition of Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer provides emergency services personnel with skills needed to reach the performance requirements of NFPA 1021. The text is written for Level I and Level II Fire Officers and fire officer candidates. The goal of this edition is to provide candidates and current company officers with the knowledge needed to develop safe, efficient and effective leadership skills.

Individuals must also have knowledge in supervision, management and human relations, as well as administrative duties, community risk reduction, preplanning, and emergency response duties in relation to fire fighting. These skills, in combination with the material in the text, convey the needed information specific to duties assigned to first-line supervisors and mid-level managers.

The manual has developed an updated format, differentiating it from previous editions. The key term definitions, chapter notes, and review and discussion questions will now appear at the end of every chapter. Finally, Skill Sheets will replace Learning Activities in order to reflect the skill requirements from the standards set by NFPA 1021. This new format combines all of the necessary review tools in one place for the reader to easily reflect on the key information from each chapter.

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