Fire Service Technical Search and Rescue, 8th Edition Manual

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Fire Service Technical Search and Rescue, 8th Edition is a primary training text for Level I Rescuers according to NFPA 1006. The manual presents the knowledge and skills for fire service search and technical rescue for Level I Rescuers to safely and effectively conduct Operations-level rescues as defined in NFPA 1006. The book also supports the corresponding chapters of NFPA 1670, Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents (2014 Edition). According to NFPA 1670, an Operations Level Rescuer is able to participate in more complex search and rescue incidents under the supervision of a Rescue Technician.

This new training manual focuses on operations-level situations most common for firefighters and rescue squad members. Technician-level information has been included to provide operations-level fire/rescue personnel with the background information needed to effectively support complex technical rescue operations. A firefighter or rescue squad member will find the knowledge and skills in this manual, to safely and effectively perform basic search and rescue operations under appropriate supervision.

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