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Facility Fire Brigades, Second Edition Manual cover.

This all new training text is designed to meet the training requirements for:

  • Incipient Facility Fire Brigade Member
  • Advanced Exterior Facility Fire Brigade Member
  • Interior Structural Fire Brigade Member
  • Facility Fire Brigade Leader
  • Facility Fire Brigade Training Coordinator
  • Support Member

ALL NFPA 1081, Standard for Facility Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications, (2018) JPRs are included. Appendix A is the correlation matrix matching the JPRs with the content in Facility Fire Brigades.

The manual will assist management and safety professionals in commercial and industrial occupancies with compliance to applicable laws and regulations regarding training and management of fire brigades. The manual is the perfect foundation for any fire brigade training program in any facility. Trainees and instructors will find benefit in using the 144 skill sheets to meet the JPRs specified by the standard.

The training manual includes references throughout to NFPA 600, Standard on Facility Fire Brigades, (2015) and OSHA regulations in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1910.

NFPA 1081, Standard for Facility Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications, contains numerous JPRs where training requirements introduced at one level (Incipient) is repeated at other levels (Advanced Exterior and/or Interior Structural). To address this without repeating large volumes of material, Review Sections have been used in some chapters. The information in these Review Sections covers the essential information from the previous chapters but in a condensed format.

The skills sheets for the entire book are together at the back of the book. At the end of each chapter, a list of new skills and skills to review based upon the content of the chapter are included and page referenced to the appropriate skills sheets located after chapter 24 in the back of the book.

The new IFSTA one-column format means more photos, more illustrations, and more tables. More visuals enhance the student learning experience.

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