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Cover of Fire and Emergency Services Orientation and Terminology, Seventh Edition Curriculum.Fire and Life Safety Educator, Fourth Edition, provides fire and emergency service personnel, and civilians with the basic information necessary to meet the job performance requirements (JPRs) of NFPA 1030, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Prevention Program Positions, 2024 Edition, for Fire and Life Safety Educator Levels I and II and the level of Fire and Life Safety Program Manager as shown in Chapters 9, 10 and 11 of the standard.

This manual will focus on life safety educators assigned to the implementation, management, and administration of fire and life safety programs. This manual also focuses on the life safety educator’s role as an integral part of a department’s or organization’s community risk reduction program.

In this latest edition, changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Chapters and information have been condensed into fewer chapters
  • Juvenile Fire Setting chapters have been removed and are their own manual: Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention, First Edition
  • Focus on the revised NFPA 1030, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Prevention Program Positions, 2024 Edition- NFPA has changed the title for Fire and Life Safety Educator III to Fire and Life Safety Education Program Manager

In this latest edition, new features include:

  • 28 Skill Sheets are now available in several to enhance the learning process

Key features of this manual

  • Chapter References
  • Key Term Definitions
  • Review Questions

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