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Fire Prevention Applications, Second edition Manual cover"This NEW updated text presents fire prevention methods for comprehensive risk reduction strategies in detail. Community coalition building to solve present-day community risk challenges is emphasized.

The book meets the FESHE model Fire Prevention Organization and Management course.

It can be used as a guide to implement a modern fire prevention and risk reduction program. It also provides fire prevention organizational structures, staffing options; with emphasis on successfully overcoming the challenges fire prevention and risk reduction bureaus face today.


  1. Introduction
  2. History and Development of Fire Prevention
  3. Codes and Standards
  4. Development and Implementation of Fire Prevention Bureaus
  5. Fire Prevention Bureau Organizational Structure and Function
  6. Risk Assessment
  7. Fire and Life Safety Education
  8. Public Information Officer: A How-To
  9. Fire Investigations
  10. Construction Document Review
  11. Fire Inspection Procedures
  12. Identification and Protection of Hazards
  13. Wildland Fire Mitigation
  14. Using Technology to Improve Fire Prevention Efforts

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