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Cover of Introduction to Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response, 1st Edition Curriculum.The curriculum for Introduction to Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response, First Edition consists of customizable components to assist instructors in presenting the course. This format allows instructors to modify the files to match their own teaching preferences or local procedures.

A PowerPoint presentation with Instructor Notes based on the manual text is provided for each chapter and serves as an instructional guide in place of a lesson outline. The PowerPoint presentations include learning objectives, review questions, and discussion questions.

Included for each chapter is a multiple-choice test and answer key. The curriculum includes an Instructor Toolbox with student scenarios and departmental resource lists, as well as after-action report templates and after-action reports from real ASHERs, and a Threat and Vulnerability Identification checklist.

The curriculum covers all nine chapters of Introduction to Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response, First Edition. The components are designed for use in both a traditional face-to-face and hybrid classroom environment. Curriculum components may be used as they are, but all are intended to be customized to the needs and requirements of each instructor. All the tools an instructor needs to deliver a course with successful outcomes for today’s students are provided in this comprehensive package.

The following components are available on a USB flash drive and ResourceOne:

  • Plan of Instruction
  • Syllabus Templates
  • PowerPoint Presentations with Instructor Notes
  • Tests and Answer Keys
  • Instructor Toolbox

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