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Milk loyalty card sign in Spanish.Reward customers for making healthy purchases of skim or 1% milk. Small food retailers participating in the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy program can offer a milk loyalty program — gane leche gratis — to give customers a free half gallon of skim or 1% milk after buying 10. This 8.5-by-11-inch sign describes the program and should be used to promote the use of the milk loyalty card, which is stamped or punched on each use.

Also available in English.

Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy is a comprehensive, community-based program that enables communities to improve access to healthy foods by working with a small food retailer. Through toolkits, resources and webinars, Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy will guide any community group through a unique approach to increasing access to healthy foods that involves engaging small food retailers and community members, thus addressing supply and demand at the same time.