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Three Spanish-language recipe cards. These recipe cards are for stores participating in the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy program to share with their Spanish-speaking customers to encourage healthy eating. Some ways to use them include handing them out at a cooking demonstration or taste test and creating a display of the ingredients to make it easy for customers to buy them while they are in the store.

A different variety of recipes is available in English.


  • 8 recipes
  • Final size: 5-by-3 inch cards
  • Nutrition information on reverse


Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy is a comprehensive, community-based program that enables communities to improve access to healthy foods by working with a small food retailer. Through toolkits, resources and webinars, Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy will guide any community group through a unique approach to increasing access to healthy foods that involves engaging small food retailers and community members, thus addressing supply and demand at the same time.

For best results, print two-sided cards on heavyweight paper, such as card stock. Select the “flip on short edge” print setting to ensure the back side of the card isn’t upside down. Cut out each card along dashed lines.


  • Comida Sensacional de Seis Capas (Sensational Six-Layer Dinner)
  • Picadillo
  • Polenta con Pimientos/Morrones y Queso (Polenta With Pepper and Cheese)
  • Refresco Granizado de Banana y Naranja (Orange Banana Frosty)
  • Burritos de Frijoles y Arroz (Bean and Rice Burritos)
  • Salsa de Frijoles (Bean Dip)
  • Ensalada o Salsa “Confeti” de Frijoles (Confetti Bean Salsa or Salad)
  • Ensalada de Frutas “En Un Momentito” (It’s-a-Snap Fruit Salad)
Publication No. DMS203