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The goal of Missouri EATs is to create healthy, resilient, equitable, and economically viable community food systems. Missouri EATs provides communities with the tools to connect local stakeholders to build and strengthen their community’s food system. It is a community development process designed to engage people to identify local assets and needs, to help them develop a plan to act on their top priorities, and to make lasting changes to transform their local food system. It serves as a springboard for deeper conversations, new partnerships, and focused action.

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Bill McKelvey
Senior Project Coordinator, Division of Applied Social Sciences, University of Missouri Extension

Sarah Hultine Massengale
Assistant Extension Professor in Political Science, University of Missouri-St. Louis and State Specialist in Community Development, University of Missouri Extension


  • The Missouri EATs process
  • Community readiness
  • Expected outcomes
  • Building and growing a diverse team
  • Event planning
  • Engaging the community
  • Action planning
  • Implementation


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Publication No. DM303