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Door hanger hanging on the front door of a home.This door hanger is for stores participating in the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy program to place on the doors of neighborhood residents to announce their commitment to stocking healthy foods. It includes a space for the store name, address and hours.


  • One side of this door hanger announces, "We stock healthy so you can shop healthy" and provides space for store name, address and hours.
  • The reverse encourages residents to choose healthy foods and provides some healthy eating tips.


For best results, print this two-sided door hanger on heavyweight paper, such as card stock. If your printer is capable of printing two-sided make sure to select “two-sided” in the printer dialog box. If your printer is incapable of two-sided printing, you will have to print each side separately. Your printer tray should have an illustration inside to help you figure out how to get proper orientation for the second side. After your door hangers are printed, cut along dashed lines. Before printing, type your store’s name, address and hours into the blank area using Acrobat Reader.

Publication No. DM233