Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy: Community Toolkit

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Get the PDFKara Lubischer, former Community Development Specialist

Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy is a comprehensive, community-based program that enables communities to improve access to healthy foods by working with a small food retailer. The most effective strategy for addressing food access is twofold. It involves partnering with local retailers (supply) and educating community residents (demand). Residents need to be informed that healthy foods are now available at your partner store and educated on how to properly prepare healthy foods and incorporate healthy eating and physical activity into their lifestyle.

This Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy: Community Toolkit provides community groups with ideas and a plan for increasing both supply and demand. Retailers need to be encouraged to improve the quality and type of healthy foods they stock, and supported in their efforts to do so. The community toolkit includes helpful strategies for forming a community network, partnering with and promoting a store, providing community outreach and education, and building community demand for healthful foods.

The combined ideas in the toolkits constitute a full-scale healthy small food retailer program. Not all communities or stores will be ready or able to implement them all. Community leaders should customize their plans to meet specific, local needs to ensure that the retailer becomes a partner in improving the community’s health. To gain a better understanding of what it takes to increase healthy food inventory, check out the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy: Retailer Toolkit.

For more information, see the Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy website



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