Soil test procedures and recommendations guides

Interpretations and recommendations are based on the crops you select on the Soil Information Forms. As recommendations differ for different crops, it is important you select the cropping options you intend to plant.

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    Soil test procedures

    • Soil pHs (1:1 solution:soil suspension). Solution is 0.01M CaCl2.
    • Lime requirement (neutralizable acidity) uses the Woodruff buffer solution
    • Organic matter percentage by loss on ignition
    • Extractable phosphorus (Bray-1 P)
    • Extractable potassium (ammonium acetate extraction)
    • Extractable calcium (ammonium acetate extraction)
    • Extractable magnesium (ammonium acetate extraction)
    • Cation exchange capacity (estimated from exchangeable potassium, calcium, magnesium and neutralizable acidity)
    • Extractable zinc (DPTA extraction)
    • Extractable sulfur (calcium phosphate in acetic acid extraction)
    • Extractable iron, manganese and copper (DPTA extraction)
    • Exchangeable sodium (ammonium acetate extraction)
    • Hot water extractable boron (0.1 percent CaCl2. H20)
    • Nitrate-nitrogen and ammonium-nitrogen (2 M KCl extraction)
    • Soluble salts (electrical conductivity in a 1:1 soil:water saturation extraction)
    • Particle size analysis (hydrometer method)

    For more information, refer to:

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    Soil test results

    The soil test results you receive will contain the following information:

    • Field information and sample ID you provided on the sample information form.
    • Soil test results
      • pHs
      • Phosphorus
      • Potassium
      • Calcium
      • Magnesium
      • Organic matter
      • Neutralizable acidity
      • Calculated cation exchange capacity
      • Electrical conductivity
    • If you requested zinc, manganese, iron, copper, sodium, nitrate, ammonium or boron, these results are also given.
    • Suggested fertilizer requirements in pounds per acre for nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P2O5), and potassium (K2O) are given. Zinc and sulfur are also given if requested.
    • Lime and magnesium treatments are based on soil test levels and crop options.
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    Soil test interpretations and recommendations guides