Private pesticide applicator training

We are working diligently with the Missouri Department of Agriculture to update our pesticide safety education program to meet new state and federal requirements, and to bring you the cutting-edge information needed to navigate these unprecedented times. In response to COVID-19, our in-person training sessions will have masks and sanitizer available for those who wish to use them. We plan to offer both virtual and in-person events this season to better meet your needs. We look forward to working with you to prosper Missouri as we race toward our 2030 goal of doubling this state's agriculture!

— Samuel Polly, Missouri Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator

1. Zoom teleconference: Field agronomy specialists will hold some of their training sessions in an online format using a free-to-use Zoom video teleconferencing platform. This platform accommodates audio with computer speakers or through a call-in phone number, and online video streaming. The MDA and EPA have agreed to this format on the condition that we diligently identify the attendee(s). To do this, 1) the attendee should register via online using the MU Extension website, giving his or her email and mailing address, and 2) the attendee should confirm that email in the Chat box during the event. After the Zoom meeting, the specialist will mail the Private Applicator Training Certification Verification form to the applicator. The applicator needs to fill out the form, sign in ink, and mail, (or scan and email), the form back to the county office. The specialist will then sign the form and forward it to the MDA for processing. There is no charge for this service.

2. In-person trainings

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Any questions regarding these new options should be submitted to the field specialist in your county.

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Thank you for your understanding as we navigate through these unprecedented times to provide service. Hopefully these new remote learning options will not be too inconvenient, and still provide the education and outreach you expect from the Missouri Pesticide Safety Education Program.