The power of protein

Everywhere we look we see new, great protein-boosted drinks and foods. But how much protein is really needed, and do Americans get enough or too much?

Be wary of energy drinks

Despite their popularity, energy drinks are not the best option nutritionally, said Tammy Roberts, former University of Missouri Extension nutrition and health education specialist.“Unfortunately, the energy in these drinks comes from sugar and stimulants like caffeine, guarana, ginseng and green tea,” Roberts said.

Pills, powders can't replace training and diet for young athletes

Young athletes, eager to be a starting player or earn a scholarship, may be tempted to follow the lead of pros and use performance enhancers to gain a competitive edge.Dale Brigham, University of Missouri nutrition and fitness specialist, said high school and college athletes are better off focusing on their diet and training, rather than relying on performance-enhancing supplements.

Sports nutrition for better performance

You train hard, learn about the latest techniques and make sure your equipment is top-notch. You work hard to be good at your sport. But have you fueled your body for the demands you place on it?

New physical activity recommendations

The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association have released their 2007 recommendations for physical activity. These guidelines have been revised since the last update in 1995. Their goal is to help people live more active and healthy lives.