Who is the program designed for?

Anyone! The program is primarily designed for athletes, as well as the coaches and parents of middle school, high school and even college athletes. Recreational athletes, or adults who exercise, also can benefit from the information, though it targets athletes who compete. MU Extension is currently working on a program designed for recreational athletes or adults who exercise.

Is Performance Nutrition only online?

No! Performance Nutrition can also be an in-person class offered by MU Extension’s local nutrition and health education specialists. To request a class near you, email us.

Can I request a speaker for just one Performance Nutrition topic, or do I have to request the whole program?

With a six-participant minimum, you can request a speaker for a single Performance Nutrition topic, the whole program (all six topics) or a handful of the available topics. Contact your local nutrition and health education specialist by emailing us.

Does the online course have a lot of busywork?

No. Each topic has one discussion board in which participants must post, but that is the only “assignment” within the course. Performance Nutrition is meant to be a self-paced learning experience about how nutrition can increase athletic performance.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact the program manager, Kristin Miller, at millerkris@missouri.edu or 573-884-0836 with any questions or concerns.