State Fair

August 13–23, 2020

The Missouri State Fair will be held as scheduled August 13-23, 2020. However, the Fair will look differently than previous years. We will continue to provide updates as they are available. Please see this message from the Missouri State Fair. Please share your fair photos on social media using the hashtag #MO4HatMSF.


August 8

  • The building will be open to the public 8/13-8/22 from 10-5 and 8/23 from 10-3.
  • All youth demonstrations will be digitally displayed in the building.
  • There will not be specialty contests held in the building this year.
  • Show Me Wares at the Missouri State Fair will not be occurring this year.
  • Clover Kid Day has transitioned to a virtual platform with images of exhibits being displayed digitally.

Livestock show schedule

  • Barrow DNA cards are due postmarked on or before May 15. Must be received by the Fair ten days following.
  • Lamb and Meat Goat nose prints are due postmarked on or before June 15. Must be received by the Fair ten days following.
  • The livestock entry deadline is July 1.

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    Livestock and Animals

    All 4-H members are eligible to participate in the livestock and horse shows at the Missouri State Fair, and all registration is handled through the Missouri State Fair. The State Fair website also provides official rules and guidelines as well.

    If showing as a 4-H member, your county staff must sign off on your participation in the fair. The deadlines for each event varies, so make sure to start on it as soon as you decide to participate in a Missouri State Fair livestock or horse show. All show bills and patterns can be found on the State Fair website.

    For animal health requirements for the State Fair, contact the Missouri State Veterinarians' office at 573-751-4359.

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      Livestock and horses

      • Print your Exhibitor Stall Sign to proudly display in your stall at the Missouri State Fair (optional).

      Exhibitor Stall Sign (PDF)

      Competition Schedule (PDF)

      State Fair Livestock Resources

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      Dog Show and Dog Bowl

      August 17, 2020
      Mathewson Exhibition Center
      Missouri State Fairgrounds, Sedalia, MO

      4-H Dog Shows in Missouri are designed for the development of the youth; therefore, it is intended that they provide opportunities for 4-H members to:

      • Experience the pride of owning and/or being responsible for the training and care of one or more dogs.
      • Learn about the breeds of dogs and their characteristics.
      • Learn to properly feed and care for a dog and gain knowledge of dog health, first aid, and safety precautions for you and your dog. Unless planning to breed your dog, please remember the importance of spaying and neutering your dog.
      • Gain experience in training a dog in basic obedience and practice handling, grooming and showing.
      • Promote greater love for animals and a humane attitude toward them.
      • Develop leadership, initiative, self-reliance, sportsmanship, and other desirable traits of character.

      You do not need to participate in your county or area show to exhibit in the Missouri State Fair 4-H Dog Show.

      The 4-H Dog Bowl is a competition which tests your knowledge of dogs. The competition is conducted in a format similar to Collegiate Bowl or Family Feud, questions will be given to a team or to an individual who must buzz in and give the correct answer. We will count the right answers-no deductions are taken for wrong answers.

      Dog Bowl Guidelines (PDF)

      Dog Show Resources

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    4-H Building

    The 2020 4-H Exhibit, Demonstration, and Contest Guidelines (PDF) document will provide information on project exhibits, rules, and guidelines. Please review it for specific details and project exhibit suggestions.

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      • Demonstrations must have earned a blue ribbon at a county achievement event and have been selected for the State Fair. 4-H Staff must approve general and working demonstration in 4-H Online as close to July 15 as possible. More details can be found in the 4-H Building Guidelines.
      • General demonstrations are those where the 4-H member shows and tells others how to do something. They are more formal than working demonstrations; therefore, require the use of a microphone (provided). These are five to ten minutes in length.
      • Working demonstrations do not use a microphone or stage. Youth work on a project while responding to fairgoers' questions. A poster giving the topic of the demonstration and the 4-H member's name can be displayed on the table during the working demonstration. These are approximately thirty minutes in length.
      • Electric Theatre Demonstrations must take place inside the Electric Theatre and use electricity. They should be ten minutes or less in length and are limited to certain days of the State Fair.
      • Sign up for a building demonstration date and time on 4-H Online.

      Schedule coming soon.

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      • All exhibits in the Missouri State Fair 4-H Building have been judged and received a blue ribbon at the local level. Projects on display in the 4-H Building will not be rejudged at the state level. However, a set number of Best of Show Awards will be given out during the 2020 Missouri State Fair. Exhibits will be reviewed by a group of dignitaries from the Missouri State Fair, University of Missouri, and Missouri 4-H before the start of the Fair.
      • Project suggestions can be found under each project area in the 4-H Building Guidelines.
      • Please make sure all exhibits meet the guidelines outlined in the 4-H Building Guidelines to avoid disqualification. Examples of disqualified items (DOCX)
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      Specialty Contests in the 4-H Building

      • More details on Specialty Contests can be found in the 4-H Building Guidelines.
      • Sign up for a contest on 4-H Online.
      • Pork demonstrations may be on any facet of pork, including food, nutrition, production practices, or by-products. Demonstration topics should be challenging and exhibit contestant's knowledge as well as presentation skills.
      • International Topic demonstrations should include a lot of information about the place where the item originates and the people who use the item. If the item made is a food item, a copy of the recipe, nutrition information, and a sample of the food should be given to judges.
      • In egg demonstrations each contestant prepares an egg dish and also presents information that reflects the contestant's knowledge about eggs, including: nutritional value, preparation, storage, function, grading-sizing, versatility and economics of cooking with eggs.
      • Cooking with Honey demonstrators must use honey grown or made by a Missouri honey producer or company; provide the honey producer or company's name; give nutrition information; the health benefits of honey and the benefits of pollinators. The demonstrator must present a finished product for judges' sampling and a recipe handout for the judges.
      • Missouri Grown Foods demonstrators must use a food product grown or made by a Missouri producer or company; provide background information on the producer or company, nutrition and preparation information, and the economics of the food product and the final dish. The demonstrator must present a finished product for judges' sampling and a recipe handout for the judges.
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    Show-Me Wares at the State Fair (not occurring this year)

    Show-Me 4-H Wares is a youth sales booth opportunity for young entrepreneurs to market and sell their 4-H products and services to the public at the state fair. Youth exhibitors participate in a 4-H Salesmanship Contest on-site while they sell.

    Learn more