4-H Feeding Missouri


4-H Feeding Missouri statewide food drive — January 1 to April 30, 2020

4-H Feeding Missouri in partnership with Drive to Feed Kids

Missouri 4-H is partnering with Feeding Missouri for our 2nd annual statewide food drive! Every 4-H club in the state is invited to contribute to its success.

This year will be similar to last year; however, we have expanded the time of activity to January through April. This gives clubs and counties more time to plan and implement (and simplifies things when the snow hits). We are also reworking the prizes. There will only be 1 prize this year, and it will go to the overall county. It will not be a monetary prize—details are coming soon.

Feeding Missouri is a coalition of our state's six major food banks that work to provide hunger relief to every county in the state and the St. Louis City through a coordinated network of more than 1,500 community-based feeding programs.

From January 1 to April 30, 4-Hers across Missouri will engage in a friendly service competition to see which counties can contribute the greatest amount of food, cash contributions and volunteer hours. You'll have an opportunity to organize and/or participate in food drives, fundraising, volunteerism and outreach to educate themselves and their communities about hunger and food insecurity.

It's all about Missourians helping Missourians fight hunger.

Share photos and videos of your food drive on social media using #4HFeedingMO
Log volunteer hours and pounds of food
Donate to Feeding Missouri

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Sherry Grace.

Planning Your Club's Drive

You'll find lots of information on this website to help you plan a successful drive. The information is also available in PDF and Word documents that you can download and print. We've also uploaded the 4-H Feeding Missouri event logo for you to use on messaging you develop, too.

Note: Leaders: As you plan activities with your clubs, thank you for being sensitive to the needs and circumstances of all youth members and their families. There are lots of ways for members to contribute to the food drive's success without having to personally donate food. Check out Volunteer ideas under 4-H Feeding Missouri Resources or in the section below.

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      October – December

      • Clubs start planning food drive activities.
        • Learn about 4-H Feeding Missouri by exploring resources and potential activities found on our website.
        • Have a lesson on Food Insecurity during club meeting (15 minute overview — see below).
      • Contact and introduce yourself to food pantry/bank you will contribute to.
      • Initial promotion and publicity to families and community
        • Social media – personal and club
        • Posting "Coming Soon!" flyers in schools and community gathering spots countywide, e.g. city/town halls, schools, places of worship, stores, restaurants and coffee shops, etc.
        • Church bulletins
        • Community newsletters
      • Begin planning volunteer activities, see Volunteer Suggestions
      • Plan and schedule educational, outreach, presentation, e.g. local Rotary, town council meetings, etc.
      • Set drive goal (volunteer hours, meals, monetary donations, too) — individual, club
      • Plan food collection startegies — individual, club
        • If you're going to have community drop-off points or specific collection events, confirm locations and times.
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      January – April

      • Donate button (for monetary donations) goes live on January 1.
      • Survey for reporting volunteer hours and pounds of food donated goes live January 1.
      • Promote your plan!
      • Do a social media campaign; use pictures of your club in action to promote and use the hashtag #4HFeedingMo
      • Do another lesson or two on food insecurity at a club meeting.
      • Food collection, individual/club
      • Volunteer efforts, individual/club
      • Timely reporting, individual online/club — as soon as you volunteer or donate, report it via the survey.
      • By 11:59 p.m. on April 30:
        • All food and volunteer hours must be entered into the Qualtrics survey.
        • Any online monetary donations must be completed.
        • Any monies collected must be deposited and club check made out to "Feeding Missouri" and postmarked to:
          • Feeding Missouri
          • Attn: Chris
          • 2306 Bluff Creek Drive
          • Columbia, MO 65201
        • Late entries will be accepted but will not count toward county totals.
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      • Total revealed at State 4-H Congress (May 27–29 — probably during Friday assembly)
      • Debrief locally
      • Celebrate locally
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    How to Run a Successful Drive

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      Learn about hunger issues in Missouri

      Use these ideas to have 15-minute mini-lessons in a club meeting:

      Hunger Awareness Activites

      Hunger Awareness Activites - Round 2

      Our partner, Feeding Missouri, has tons of resources:

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      Contact your local food pantry and/or regional food bank

      • Check out the Food Pantry List in 4-H Feeding Missouri Resources
      • Search the Feeding Missouri service map and Pantry Finder listings (www.feedingmissouri.org > About Us)
      • Contact them by mid-January to start coordinating!
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      Publicize and promote the drive - info available in 4-H Feeding Missouri Resources

      • Flyers — distribute/post in December
      • January through April
        • Social media
        • Flyers
        • Media outreach
        • Involve other local partners
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      Plan one or more food drives in your community

      • Schools
      • Basketball games
      • Churces, houses of worship
      • Local library, bank, community center
      • Tell people what foods are OK to donate - see 4-H Feeding Missouri Resources
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      Plan volunteer activities

      See the full list below

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      Using Qualtrics (link provided January 1), accurately count and record pounds of food collected and hours volunteered!

      • It's the honors system: weigh on your bathroom scale; use package measurements; give your best estimate; see if local food pantry has a scale
      • Qualtrics opens January 1; all individual entries count toward your COUNTY total.
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      Tell people how they can donate money, if they prefer

      • Monetary donations should be made online via the DONATE NOW button
      • DONATE NOW will be available Jan. 1 via the 4-H Feeding Missouri, MU Extension and Feeding Missouri websites.
      • Donors can choose their county from the dropdown menu so the donation is credited to the appropriate county.
      • If someone donates cash:
        • Bring it to the club leader
        • S/He will keep a running tally
        • At the end of the drive, the club treasurer will send a check covering the amount of any cash donations to:

          Feeding Missouri

          ATTN: 4-H Feeding Missouri

          2306 Bluff Creek Drive

          Columbia, MO 65201

        • That amount will be credited to the county total.
    • NOTE: Feeding Missouri will calculate and convert all pounds of food and hours volunteered into the equivalent meals.

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    Contest Details

    Feeding Missouri's numbers will be used to calculate county contest winners.

    Counties can compete in four areas. One prize will be awarded to the Overall winning county.

    • Food Raiser
    • Fund Raiser
    • Volunteer Hours
    • Overall (Equivalent) Meals
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    Volunteer Ideas

    If donating food isn't your thing, no worries!

    There are lots of ways to contribute to the 4-H Feeding Missouri food drive. Check out the ideas below. Or come up with your own! It's all about us Missourians helping Missourians fight hunger. You can also help your county compete to be the club that volunteers the most hours. Volunteer hours are then converted into the equivalent number of meals toward our goal.

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      How can I volunteer?

      • Organize a food drive at your school, church, etc.
      • Create publicity materials on your own, including:
        • posters
        • flyers
        • banners
        • short videos
        • podcasts
        • photos documenting your food-drive related activities
      • Post/share all that great messaging:
        • online, social media
        • post fliers in public places around town, like bulletin boards at local stores, schools, churches, etc.
      • Creat your own friendly competition:
        • Hold a collection contest between grades at your school
        • Challenge basketball fans to be the team that brings the most
      • Create a display or information booth at school, library, city hall, church, etc.
        • Look at the Hunger Facts Resources
        • You can even find information about your county
      • Present/share about hunger facts at local community events, e.g. school, Rotary meeting, church, local government events
      • Write an essay about hunger in Missouri and present it in class
      • Set up a tour of your local food bank:
      • Ask your local food pantry how you can help:

      Note: Be sure to coordinate well in advance! Many local food pantires have limited hours.

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    4-H: Empowering Youth to End Hunger in Their Communities Toolkit

    Empowering Youth Tookit Cover

    This toolkit was created by Kansas State University and provides ideas and resources for learning about and teaching hunger awareness and hunger advocacy.

    4-H End Hunger Toolkit (PDF)







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Feeding Missouri Website

Feeding Missouri Logo

Our partner has a ton of information about hunger in Missouri and in the United States. To access their resources: