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Basic parameters for manufacturers entering the TAAF program include a minimum of five percent decline in sales and employment, at least partially due to import competition. Mid-America TAAC personnel will assist by analyzing each manufacturing firm's financial situation to determine if they qualify. Mid-America TAAC personnel also research industry specific data to determine if there is an increase in import activity for each firm.

Program phases

Once TAAC has determined a manufacturing firm qualifies, three program phases are implemented as follows:

Phase I: Petition development

Mid-America TAAC personnel complete a petition application to submit with supporting documentation to the Economic Development Agency (EDA) for certification into the TAAF program. There is no cost to the firm for Mid-America TAAC to prepare their petition application.

Phase II: Adjustment proposal development

Upon petition certification, Mid-America TAAC personnel conduct a thorough assessment of the firm to develop a detailed business recovery strategy to help the firm become more globally competitive. Mid-America TAAC personnel complete an adjustment proposal application to submit to EDA for funding approval to implement the improvement strategies. The TAAF program pays 75 percent of the costs of developing a firm's business recovery plan.

Phase III: Adjustment proposal implementation

Upon adjustment proposal approval, Mid-America TAAC cost shares 50 percent (for adjustment proposals approved between $30,000 and $150,000) and 75 percent (for adjustment proposals approved for $30,000 or less) of the cost to implement improvement projects within the company's business recovery strategy using private sector consultants and industry experts. Mid-America Trade Adjustment Assistance Center is staffed with experienced business professionals who work collaboratively with manufacturers through each phase of the program — from certification to project implementation and completion.