Youth participants

Age and numbers: A group of 10–20 youth aged 9–13 years old are needed for a good Garden 'n Grow program. Lesson plans and garden activities are written at a fifth to sixth grade level. The curriculum has been designed to supplement plant science concepts presented in the sixth grade. Younger children may not have the physical strength or knowledge to enjoy the lessons. Older children may have already been exposed to the material presented and may be bored.

Three kids looking closely a plants they are holdingDiversity is encouraged: Having a diverse group of children makes the garden enjoyable for all. Different types of children bring different assets to the program.

What makes this program valuable:

  • Gardens are a versatile learning tool.
  • Gardens provide a relaxed atmosphere without classroom walls.
  • Children learn by hands-on experiences.
  • Rapid results are achieved with plants.
  • Participants can successfully apply the knowledge they've gained.