Show Me Food helps you find fresh, local food

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Across Missouri, one in nine people – including one in eight children – face hunger. Using data available on All Things Missouri, we can clearly see overlapping areas of high food insecurity and food deserts (figure 1) in the state.

New support for farm and food businesses in local, regional markets

COLUMBIA, Mo. – University of Missouri Extension is one of 14 partners to organize the new Heartland Regional Food Business Center serving Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas.

MU Extension offers self-paced vegetable production series

BOWLING GREEN, Mo. – University of Missouri Extension will offer a self-paced “Conventional Vegetable Production Series” this fall.

MU Extension to partner on 5-state regional food business center

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The University of Missouri, through MU Extension, will partner with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on a $25 million award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to create the Heartland Regional Food Business Center, which will foster more vibrant, resilient food systems throughout a five-state region.

Mini-grants support projects, collaboration on Missouri food system challenges

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Three new University of Missouri Extension projects will help address Missouri food system challenges while encouraging collaboration across teams.

Missouri can lead the way to a food secure future for all

By Marshall Stewart, chief engagement officer, University of Missouri System, and MU vice chancellor for extension and engagement. In a state where agriculture is the No. 1 industry, Missouri can be a powerful leader in making sure every Missourian is food secure. At its core, food security means no child goes to bed hungry and no adult must choose between buying needed medicine and putting food on the family table.

Strengthening Missouri's local food systems

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A new partnership between the University of Missouri Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security (ICFS) and MU Extension will make it easier to access information about local and regional food systems and food security. 

Healthy communities begin with healthy food

PARIS, Mo. – Healthy communities grow in bountiful gardens.A partnership between University of Missouri Extension and groups in the Mark Twain Lake area is teaching people in Monroe County to grow and use fresh produce.

Missouri EATs helps communities strengthen local food systems

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Understanding local food systems in rural areas

Development of local food systems that spur economic development in rural areas requires different assumptions and models than the traditional market-based approaches applied in urban areas.

Farmers, ranchers share e-commerce success stories

CARTHAGE, Mo. – Farmers and ranchers are increasingly turning to online sales to reach customers, especially with COVID-19 disrupting the operation of many farmers markets, restaurants and stores.

Missouri Food Finder connects consumers and safe local food options

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Many consumers have had to revamp their grocery shopping routines these last months. Supply chain issues have disrupted some farm operations, leading to unpredictable store shortages at the same time that some consumers have been looking for alternatives to crowded supermarkets.

How to do a food demo for 95 in a pandemic

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A few shoppers glared at Jasmine Cobb, thinking she was one of those people hoarding supplies in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of toilet paper, her cart brimmed with precisely 95 of each item on her list: sweet potatoes, red onions, cans of black beans and much more. That many jars of chili powder really turned heads.

MU hosts webinar to help farmers markets confront COVID-19 challenges

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As summer approaches, Missouri’s estimated 240 farmers markets are struggling with how they will comply with COVID-19-related restrictions. Regarded by many as vital and vibrant community hubs, farmers markets will need to rethink how to work with their vendors and still serve a public hungry for locally grown food.

'Food From the Farm' connects kids to local farms

KANSAS CITY, Mo.– In this video news story, learn about MU Extension’s “Food From the Farm” program.