Food tastings are on the menu in this elementary school nutrition class

Nutrition program associate Sarah Geist has been working with Macon Elementary School in Macon County to deliver nutrition classes to children. The classes follow the Show Me Nutrition curriculum for kids from preschool to junior high. Topics range from making proper food choices based on the individual’s needs to the various food groups and their nutritional benefits.

MU Extension to help connect KC-area seniors with farmers market fare

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – University of Missouri Extension is partnering with the Missouri Department of Agriculture to help older adults access fresh, local foods this summer.

How to do a food demo for 95 in a pandemic

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A few shoppers glared at Jasmine Cobb, thinking she was one of those people hoarding supplies in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of toilet paper, her cart brimmed with precisely 95 of each item on her list: sweet potatoes, red onions, cans of black beans and much more. That many jars of chili powder really turned heads.

Check that mailbox

Packets from MU Extension in Perry County keep homebound kids busy and learning. PERRYVILLE, Mo. – When Bethany Bachmann saw Perry County parents fretting online about how to keep their homebound kids busy and learning, she knew just what to do.