Food Pantry educational materials

Each month the University of Missouri Extension Family Nutrition Education Program (FNEP) sends food banks and pantries educational materials to share with clients. These educational materials include bi-fold cards with two seasonal recipes and a physical activity tip for the month, Can-Do Recipes fliers featuring recipes using canned foods, and tri-fold brochures with tips and recipes for using holiday leftovers. The target audience for this program is adults.

Samples of the items we send:

  • Bi-fold card

  • Can-Do flier

  • Tri-fold brochure

    • Tri-fold brochure with recipe and food safety tips for holiday leftovers
    • 8½ x 3⅝-inch colored brochure contains 2-3 seasonal recipes for $10 or less. Includes a detachable grocery list and nutritional information.
    • Full tri-fold sample (PDF)


Want to be added as a food pantry to our mailing list?
Contact the project coordinator: Tevin Uthlaut at [email protected]

Funded in part by USDA SNAP.
For more information, call MU Extension's Show Me Nutrition line at 1-888-515-0016.
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