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Controlling Snakes After a Storm or Flood


Snakes often become displaced after a storm or flooding event. As a result, many of these animals are seeking shelter and food in areas close to people. Read more to find out what to do when you encounter one.

Controlling Rodents After a Flood


Robert A. Pierce
Extension Fish and Wildlife Specialist

Flooding displaces many rodents from their natural habitat. As a result, these animals are seeking areas that can provide food and shelter, such as homes, sheds, barns and other buildings.

Corn and Soybean Replant Decisions


Find out what options you have when wet spring weather causes poor crop germination. Whether you replant depends on seed variety, weather and insurance.

Disaster Supplies Kit


Reviewed by MU Extension
Produced by the American Red Cross
Reproduced with permission

Resources for Your Flooded Home


Editor's note

Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency


You and your family can survive for several days without food, but only a short time without water. Disasters can often cause us to question the safety of our drinking water. With a little planning and preparation, you can be prepared by having a safe emergency water supply.

Checking and Disinfecting Flooded Wells


Reviewed by Conne Burnham
Emergency Management Specialist
Fire and Rescue Training Institute

If your well has been flooded, the well and entire water system should be cleaned and disinfected. Floods can contaminate wells with silt, raw sewage, oil and disease organisms.

Caring for Flooded Lawns


Reviewed by Manoj Chhetri
MU Extension Horticulture Field Specialist

Karen Kerkhoff
Area Horticulture Specialist

David D. Minner
State Turfgrass Specialist, Department of Horticulture

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