An arial photo of a flooded farm

Record-setting precipitation affected nearly all of Missouri's agricultural land in 2019. Prevented planting, poor crop stands, nitrogen fertilizer loss and poor weed control top the list of impacts.

Unfortunately, 2020 looks like more of the same. As we enter planting season a year later, many landowners are still repairing levees and reeling from damage caused last spring and summer. Coupled with substantial rainfall thus far, the perfect storm looks to be brewing for more flooding in 2020.

To assist, University of Missouri Extension specialists have put together crop management and flood recovery information. That information is in three categories:

  1. Flood recovery offers information to farmers whose fields were directly covered by floodwaters.
  2. Wet weather strategies covers best management practices for muddy fields or other water-logged conditions.
  3. Government agency information aggregates web links to several federal and state agencies that provide financial aid for flood and wet weather victims.

Our state and regional extension specialists are ready to help with flood-related questions. If you need additional information, please contact one of the experts listed on the Faculty and Staff page.

We will update this website as information becomes available. Check back frequently for new materials.