Missouri Economy Indicators

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Vol. 3, Issue 12: Farms Selling Local Foods – October 3, 2022

Missouri map showing local food sales 2012-2017

In 2020, 147,307 farmers nationwide produced and sold $9 billion of local food — a 3% increase in total sales from 2015. Of these sales, 33% originated from direct-to-consumer transactions, 21% from retailers and 46% from institutions and intermediaries. The majority (57%) of U.S. farms marketing local food directly to consumers operated in metropolitan counties. Roughly four in five farms making direct sales sold all their food within 100 miles of their farms.

Vol. 3, Issue 11: Young Adult Migration – Sept. 12, 2022

Missouri map showing percent of young adults remaining in Missouri regions between 1984 and 1992.

80% of young adults born between 1984 and 1992 migrated less than 100 miles from home. Factors including parental income, race and population density affected choices to move a long distance or stay close to home. Black and Hispanic individuals and individuals from low-income families were more likely to stay close to home.

Vol. 3, Issue 10: Online Microbusiness Activity – Aug. 22, 2022

Graph showing Microbusiness activity index for U.S. and Missouri counties by population density. See Vol. 3 Issue 10 for details.

Of all microbusiness owners, 40% are fully employed by their microbusinesses, but 36% have full- or part-time jobs elsewhere. In first-quarter 2022, Microbusiness Activity Index data show Missouri’s low- and high-density counties had slightly below average microbusiness activity when compared to similar U.S. counties. However, Missouri’s medium-density counties had higher levels of microbusiness activity compared to the U.S. average.

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