Missouri faces a child care crisis

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri is in a child care crisis. Like broadband, child care is at the heart of so much that affects a family’s livelihood and opportunities. Just as MU Extension has worked to improve statewide broadband access, we’re addressing Missouri’s child care crisis, too.

Serving children with differing abilities, Unearth Potential - Joplin, MO

When Anita Archer and Erin Phipps, behavior analysts and owners of Unearth Potential in Joplin, Missouri, learned about the impending closure of the company they worked for, they worried about all the families that would be left without services for their children with differing abilities. With the encouragement of the families they were then serving, the women decided to open their own clinic.

Happy, Mad, Sad, Glad: Helping Children Identify their Emotions

     As summer comes to an end and plans for the school year unfold the children in your life might feel a wide range of emotions. It is our role as adults to help children identify those emotions. We can also model to children how to appropriately express our feelings. Children deal with many of the same emotions adult do.  

The benefits of outdoor play for children

The weather is getting warmer and families are spending more time outdoors. This gives families more opportunities to use outdoor play as teachable moments. Playing is part of learning and advancing a child’s development. When children play outside they are able to learn by exploring the world around them. Below is a list of a few benefits associated with outdoor play. Children learn science

Teaching our children to be good neighbors

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Neighboring and community leadership are topics that can positively change our communities in a way that is meaningful and lasting according to David Burton, county engagement and community development specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

Helping children develop good health habits

Parents play an important role in helping their children develop good health habits. Healthy children eat well, live a physically active life and feel good about themselves and others.

Healthy habits for your preschool-aged child

Preschool is a good time to help your child develop good eating habits. Because your child is with you most of the time, it is easier to influence their food choices. Keep in mind that the eating habits learned during this time can be carried into the future.

Teaching children the value of chores

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. – Families that work together and share responsibilities raise children who understand the value of work, said a University of Missouri human development specialist.   “Giving children jobs around the home helps parents and teaches children they are important cogs in the household wheel,” said Kris Jenkins. “Chores help children learn to take pride in their work and gain self-respect.”

Overscheduled children under stress

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. – Adults often complain about the stresses of daily life in our fast-paced society, but children are not immune to the effects of an overscheduled lifestyle, said a University of Missouri Extension human development specialist. Scheduling time at home for the family to relax and play together when there are no plans, no pushing and no hurrying is essential, said Lisa Wallace.

8 reasons young children misbehave

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo.–You're in the middle of a crowded grocery story and your 3-year-old grabs a candy bar from the shelf. You quietly tell him to put it back. He screams at the top of his lungs and throws himself on the floor. You feel that all eyes are on you and you want to become invisible. Most parents probably remember moments like that.