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Drought in Missouri

Drought impacts at least some parts of Missouri almost every year. In extreme years, drought stresses millions of acres, animals and people in Missouri. Be sure to look at our University of Missouri Extension drought stories and resources on the MU IPM page, updated regularly.

Contact your local Extension specialists for assistance with drought decisions on your farm.

Missouri Drought Monitor Map

The Missouri drought monitor map is updated weekly to show which areas of the state fall into a category of drought. The map changes based on reports from landowners and residents, so the accuracy of the map is dependent on your reports. Report drought conditions in your area. Each drought category is defined by certain criteria from the United States Drought Monitor.

Current map

Dried up pond
Top 5 livestock forage actions to take during drought

MU Extension Specialists encourage cattle producers to take these Top 5 actions now to deal with the current drought.

Weather station monitoring weather
Missouri Climate Center

Find current and historical local climate information to assist with effective planning and management of state agriculture, industry, and natural resources.

Drought damaged feed and forage

A group conducting nitrate testing on corn.
Toxic feed

A drought can cause dangerous nitrate concentrations that may be great enough to harm plants or animals.

Dried out forage drought conditions
Drought damaged forage

Drought causes high levels of nitrates in forage and crops used for silage and baleage. 

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Feedstuff Finder

Feedstuff Finder is a FREE tool for individuals to find or list hay and co-product feedstuffs for sale. Buyers can access a user-friendly map displaying available products, complete with details and a delivery cost estimator.

Ammoniation of Low-Quality Roughages (PDF)

Discusses the ammoniation process that is most practical in drought years or when there is some other incentive to bale low-quality roughage.

Considering Your Grazing, Haying and Silage Options for Herbicide-Treated Corn …

Reviews the waiting periods that must be followed between the application of various herbicides and the grazing or harvesting of treated crops for use as forage.

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