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An MRI technitian talking to a patient as they're entering the machine.

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100% Online Clinical Engineer Certificate Program

What is Clinical Engineering? Also called BioMeds or Healthcare Technology Management Professionals, Clinical engineers are responsible for the application, implementation, and servicing of medical technology to optimize healthcare delivery.

The influence of medical imaging technology in healthcare is constantly growing. Diseases are detected earlier, and treatments become more effective, significantly contributing to lowering the costs of healthcare. To help Missourians prepare for this high-demand career, the University of Missouri has partnered with healthcare and medical technology companies to create an online credentialing program that can be accessed from multiple pathways – right at home. The Clinical Service Engineering online certificate program is designed to enhance the number of qualified and trained clinical service engineers for rural Missouri. This will help more Missourians find jobs and will help our rural clinics and local healthcare providers find talented, skilled workers in their own backyards.

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    Online Certificate Option

    This online, stand-alone, Clinical Service Engineer (CSE) certificate will take 9 – 12 months to complete. The program will provide a mix of formal technical training and customer-focused training, that incorporates medical imaging technology expertise, healthcare business acumen, customer relationship management, and specific imaging equipment training.

    The certificate program may be accessed by participants in two different platforms: as a for-credit, stand-alone certificate through the MU College of Engineering, or as a not-for-credit certificate program offered through MU Extension. The content of the certificate program is the same, high-quality content in both platforms, no matter how the participants access the certificate.

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    Course Details

    There are four core classes required for both the for-credit or not-for-credit tracks. These 8-week courses must be taken in order. Courses 1&2 will be offered in Fall 2022 and courses 3&4 will be offered in Spring 2023.

    Note: Certificate seekers enrolled in the for-credit certificate will take two additional elective courses.

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      Course 1: Medical Imaging Essentials 1 (3 credits)

      • X-ray basics
      • Time management
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      Course 2: Medical Imaging Essentials 2 (3 credits)

      • Image Analysis
      • Networking/IT skills for imaging systems
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      Course 3: Medical Imaging Modalities (3 credits)

      • Imaging Modalities (Angio, CT, MI-Pet-Spec, Ultrasound, MR)
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      Course 4: Applications for Biomedical Design and Clinical Engineering (3 credits)

      • Introduction to the Healthcare Environment
      • Applications for Biomedical Design and Clinical Engineering
      • Application/Field Assignment
      • Executive Presentation Skills
      • Business acumen
      • Customer Relationship Skills
      • Conflict Resolution
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    Certificate seekers must meet one of the following criteria:

    • Military experience in advanced electronics
    • Associate degree in electronics
    • Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering
    • Bachelor's degree in a STEM field, like Biomedical Engineering, Physics, or Mathematics.
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    How to Enroll

    The Certificate program will start in Fall 2022. Please complete the General Interest Form below to receive more information.

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