COLUMBIA, Mo. – Leading agriculture experts from the University of Missouri, Purdue University, USDA Agricultural Research Service and the University of Nebraska will give updates on weeds, crop diseases, insects and new technologies at the annual MU Crop Management Conference, Dec. 6-7 at the Columbia Holiday Inn Executive Center.

MU Extension weed scientist Kevin Bradley will summarize recent weed management research, including tank mixes of biological products with herbicides and an evaluation of drones for spraying and spreading. Sessions will cover intensive corn management, planter technologies for improving corn stands after a rye cover crop and a new tool for soybean variety selection, and more.

Topics include:

• “Soybean Gall Midge and Dectes Stem Borer: Understanding an Old and New Pest in Soybean.” Justin McMechan, University of Nebraska.

• “Disease, Disease, and More Disease.” Mandy Bish, University of Missouri.

• “A Summary of Some Recent Weed Management Research Projects.” Kevin Bradley, University of Missouri.

• “MU Variety Testing New Analytics Tool.” Andre Reis, University of Missouri.

• “Red Sky: Farmers Warning or Delight.” Ben Brown, University of Missouri.

• “In-Season Fertilizer Management and After-Market Planter Technologies for Improving Corn Following a Rye Cover Crop.” Dan Quinn, Purdue University.

• “Intensive Corn Management: Why Grain Fill Duration and Kernel Weight Accumulation Is Essential.” Dan Quinn, Purdue University.

• “Missouri’s 2023 Drought: A Climate Perspective.” Zachary Leasor, University of Missouri.

• “Missouri Cropping Systems: Intensifying and Shifting.” Lori Abendroth, USDA Agricultural Research Service.

• “Pros and Cons of a Precision Sprayer for Detecting Weeds and Spraying for Weed Management in Corn and Soybean.” Amit Jhala, University of Nebraska.

• “Biological Nitrogen Management Systems.” Kelly Nelson, University of Missouri.

Bradley said certified crop advisers may receive up to 16 credit hours for attending.

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