Gasconade County, Missouri

  • 54 acres
  • 697 trees marked for sale
  • Estimated volume: 93,900 bd. ft. (Doyle Scale)
    • 59,900 bd. ft. (445 trees) was white oak; of which 10,500 bd. ft. was potential stave quality
    • Remaining 34,000 bd. ft. was a mix of post oak, black oak, norther red oak, and hickory
  • Forester valued the sale at $20,000
  • Seven bids received
    • $27,500
    • $25,300
    • $25,100
    • $23,100
    • $19,105
    • $15,177
    • $12,250
  • Landowner took the high bid.
  • Return: $509 per acre

High bidder was a reputable sawmill that has been in business for a long time, but only recently got into logging. After checking references, the consulting forester felt very comfortable recommending the high bidder, which the landowner accepted. The forester held a preharvest meeting with both the logger and landowner present where a harvest plan was developed locating skid trails and landings. With dry weather this fall, the timber has already been cut and the sale closed out. Both the forester and the landowner were extremely pleased with the logger’s work.