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KANSAS CITY, Mo. –The Dorothy Day Cabin sits in the Green Hills of Platte Wildlife Preserve just a few minutes north of downtown Kansas City. Dorothy Day, an artist and conservationist, lived in the cabin until her death in 2011. Platte County spent $1 million to preserve the cabin and has looked for ways for the public to make use of it.

Joe Vanover, a Platte County commissioner, wanted to find a use for the cabin that would connect community members to the area’s history. “What could we do to activate this million-dollar asset so people could experience what life would have been like on the frontier of western Missouri?”

When he showed the property to University of Missouri Extension specialists Elena Stephenson and GK Callahan, they had an idea to connect future use of the cabin to Day’s interest in art and conservation.

In a new episode of the “Show-Me MO Success” podcast, host Luke Dietterle interviews Stephenson and Callahan about how they found unique uses for the Dorothy Day Cabin. The property surrounding the cabin will host 4-H activities, and artists will be able to sign up to use the cabin as an art studio, with their work displayed locally.

“It is a great story of synchronicity when MU Extension has a mission and the county has a mission and they have a marriage of the minds and it serves multiple purposes,” Stephenson says.

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