Recordkeeping is important to make management decisions for optimum cattle operation productivity and profitability.  Therefore, cattle producers should consider purchasing the 2024 shirt pocket size record book called the “Redbook” to aid in their record keeping practices.  These books are available at your local MU Extension Center for $7 per book. 

Cattle producers can store all types of information in these books.  The calf information section contains ten boxes to enter cow identification, calf ID, birth date, birth weight, calf sex, calving ease, etc.  There is space for around 425 head of entries. Furthermore, it has a calendar section in it so that it can be used as a planner.  Cattle producers can also store data such as pasture usage, artificial insemination breeding records, herd health records and more.

These books also can be used as an educational tool to cattle producers.  These books have information on calving ease scores, body condition scores, calf death loss scores, international year/letter code for animal ID, Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) best practices, gestation table and more.

Cattle producers should not use this book as their sole recordkeeping systems.  To utilize the information collected in the book cattle producers should transfer the information into an excel spreadsheet or other formats that allows for analysis of the information. To that extent in an article on the Cornell University website I found a Redbook in an electronic format so cattle producers can enter the information into an excel spreadsheet.  In addition to what was mentioned before, entering the information into an electronic format improves the likelihood that it will not be damaged or lost.

These books are produced by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and distributed to MU Extension Centers for sale through cooperation between University of Missouri, MU Extension and the Missouri-Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program. Book supplies are limited so if you are interested contact your local MU Extension Center to purchase a book.