Linda Geist

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Challenging weather has forced Missouri farmers to make difficult decisions on whether to replant crops because of sparse stands or delayed planting.

A newly revised University of Missouri Extension guide, “Corn and Soybean Replant Decisions,” gives farmers a step-by-step procedure to estimate the financial aspect of replanting, says Ray Massey, co-author of the publication and MU Extension professor of agricultural business and policy.

Guide co-author and MU Extension agronomist Bill Wiebold says the guide “takes the emotion” out of replant decisions.

At times, replant costs might exceed the value of extra yield, Wiebold says. The guide helps producers figure estimated seed costs, fuel, machinery, labor, pesticides and other input costs vs. yield potential and profits. The guide also provides worksheets for Missouri’s different regions and variables such as row width and length, planting date and plant populations.

The guide suggests farmers consider the following when deciding whether or not to replant:

  • Cause of the sparse stand.
  • Stand density and condition of the stand.
  • Yield potential of the sparse stand.
  • Expected gross revenue from the sparse stand.
  • Yield potential and gross revenue from a replanted stand.
  • Cost to replant.
  • Whether replanting will pay for itself.

A downloadable Excel worksheet can help with calculations to make the replant decision.

Massey and Wiebold say farmers should not make decisions solely upon the guide and worksheet and should also consider demands on time and competing management demands. They also recommend consulting with an area agronomist.

“Corn and Soybean Replant Decisions” and related Excel worksheet are available for free download at