Volunteer award winners announced.


COLUMBIA, Mo. – During National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 21-27, Missouri 4-H extends its heartfelt gratitude to the thousands of volunteers who make a difference in the lives of young people across the state.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of 4-H, enriching the lives of youth and shaping the future of our communities,” says Lupita Fabregas, senior director of the University of Missouri Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development. “Their dedication and passion create positive impact far beyond our programs. Volunteers embody the spirit of service and inspire young people to reach their full potential.”

“Volunteers provide the unwavering support, time and energy that are the driving force behind the success of our youth programs,” says Steven Krauss, MU Extension 4-H state specialist in volunteerism and youth-adult partnerships. “Their contributions are deeply appreciated every day. Without them, there would be no 4-H.”

One way Missouri 4-H honors its volunteers is through the Frank Graham Volunteer Leadership Award and the Naomi Crouch 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award.

The Naomi Crouch 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award, presented by the Missouri 4-H Foundation, recognizes exceptional volunteers and organizations for notable contributions to 4-H. The award is named in honor of Naomi Mohler Crouch in remembrance of her dedication to the youths of Missouri. Crouch served as a Missouri 4-H Foundation trustee and chair and was a Clay County 4-H parent and volunteer.

This year, awards were given to LaTisha Scott-Snead of Clark County, Angela Helton of Macon County and Tyson Foods, which was nominated by Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis, Saline, Henry, Benton, Ray, Carroll and Chariton counties.

The Frank Graham Volunteer Leadership Award, presented by the Missouri 4-H Center for Youth Development, is given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the 4-H program in Missouri. This award recognizes volunteers, educators and supporters who have demonstrated outstanding dedication, leadership and impact on 4-H youth development. The award is named in honor of Frank Graham, former director of the MU Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development and founding member of the Missouri 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees.

For 2024, these volunteers are being recognized with the Frank Graham Volunteer Leadership Award:

  • Tresina Alvested, Lafayette County
  • Sarah Baugh, Dade County
  • Patricia Campbell, Cooper County
  • Jennifer Dehn, Platte County
  • Michael and Genel Ellison, Knox County
  • Tianna Fisher, Jasper County
  • Gwen Gilbow, Ray County
  • Jessica Jordan, Warren County
  • Liz Lechman, Vernon County
  • Robert “Bob” Peca, St. Charles County
  • Amy Schaefer, Macon County
  • Brenda Thompson, Miller County

Missouri 4-H encourages individuals to join in celebrating and thanking its volunteers during National Volunteer Appreciation Week. For more information about Missouri 4-H and how to get involved, visit https://4h.missouri.edu.

For more information on the Frank Graham 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award, go to https://mizzou.us/FrankGrahamAward.

For more information on the Naomi Crouch 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award, go to https://mizzou.us/NaomiCrouchAward.

About Missouri 4-H

Missouri 4-H grows today’s youth and prepares tomorrow’s leaders. With a blend of time-tested traditions and innovative hands-on learning, Missouri youth explore and find their spark in programs ranging from agriculture and conservation to aerospace and career development. Through clubs, programs, camps, in-school and after-school experiences, University of Missouri Extension faculty, staff and thousands of volunteers guide youth in developing essential skills, building confidence and fostering connections. Together, they inspire young people to make a real difference in their communities, their country and the world. To learn more about Missouri 4-H, visit 4h.missouri.edu.

About the Missouri 4-H Foundation

The Missouri 4-H Foundation is the independent philanthropic partner of the University of Missouri Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development. For more than 70 years, the foundation has secured and managed funds for Missouri 4-H, providing higher education scholarships, recognizing 4-H volunteers, and supporting the work of MU Extension 4-H. Learn more at 4h.missouri.edu/foundation.

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