• Angela Helton, winner of a 2024 Naomi Crouch 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Celebrating National Volunteer Week, the Missouri 4-H Foundation is proud to present Angela Helton with the Naomi Crouch 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award. Helton is recognized for more than 25 years of service and support to 4-H in Macon County.

“We are honored to recognize Angela Helton for her outstanding efforts on behalf of Macon County 4-H,” said Rachel Augustine, director of the Missouri 4-H Foundation.

Recipients of the Naomi Crouch 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award may select a 4-H club or county program to receive a $250 award in their honor. Helton chose the Macon County 4-H Council.

Q: How did you first become involved with 4-H?

A: My father was a Macon County 4-H’er back in the 1950s, and I became a 4-H’er at the age of 8. My mother made 4-H a family priority for myself and my two younger sisters. I was an 11-year member of the Callao Shamrock 4-H Club in Macon County. In 1999, when my son and daughter were still Clover Kid age, my husband and I became volunteers in the Macon Easy Riders 4-H Club in Macon County. 4-H grows deep in my family.

Q: Why do you think 4-H is important for young people?

A: I was a farm kid and livestock exhibitor, but I was also able to learn cooking, baking, and sewing as 4-H projects. Those particular skills I have used all my life. 4-H encourages young people to develop and learn life skills, set goals and become productive, contributing citizens in our communities.

Q: What made you want to become a 4-H volunteer?

A: 4-H was a fun learning experience for me personally. I hope I have been able to help pass on those type of experiences to youth in my community.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a 4-H volunteer?

A: Being a 4-H volunteer has many rewarding aspects, but I feel the most rewarding part is watching 4-H members become successful adults. In the past 25 years as a volunteer, I have been able to be a part of many young people’s lives and feel like we are all better for the 4-H programs.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to give back to 4-H?

A: 4-H always needs dedicated volunteers to make the program successful. Being a volunteer is a lot of work and time, but it is definitely worth the effort.

The Naomi Crouch 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award is presented annually to volunteers and organizations for devoting their time and talents to University of Missouri Extension’s 4-H youth development program. The award is named in honor of Plattsburg native Naomi Crouch, who was a 4-H volunteer and Missouri 4-H Foundation trustee for more than 20 years.

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Angela Helton, winner of a 2024 Naomi Crouch 4-H Volunteer Leadership Award.

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