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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – After dealing with Crohn’s disease for 15 years, Emilia Rizzuto learned about the health benefits of elderberries. When she found out that Missouri grows a lot of elderberries, she developed an elderberry syrup that led to founding her business, All Things Elderberry.

“When I first started sharing the elderberry, I never imagined how big it would get,” Rizzuto says. “I honestly just thought if it was helping me and helping my kids, other people would want to know. I spent so many years sick and struggling to find solutions that are an alternative to pharmaceuticals.”

In the latest episode of “Show-Me MO Success,” the University of Missouri’s Business and Community Extension podcast, Rizzuto tells how she grew her business with the help of the Mid-America Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (Mid-America TAAC), an MU Extension business development program supported by the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

Guest host Mike Quinata, assistant director for MU Extension Business and Communities, interviews Rizzuto and Becky Nace, project manager for Mid-America TAAC. They discuss the need for small-business owners to get help in marketing and cutting costs.

“When firms come to us, they are primarily looking for financial resources to help their firm,” Nace says. “We looked at market research for them, and the elderberry industry, we found, is very interesting.” With global elderberry production on the rise, TAAC provided business analysis and resources to help All Things Elderberry compete in that global market.

MU Extension has programs to benefit Missourians throughout the state. “Show-Me MO Success” features success stories from businesses and communities that have connected with MU Extension programs. Podcast listeners will hear how to reach out to MU Extension to access resources and gain insights and inspiration.

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Sarah Rielley, Senior Coordinator
University of Missouri Extension–Business and Community